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Innovative benefit advisors bring their clients advanced ideas to reduce cost and mitigate risk. Many of these advisors are introducing the Rx ‘n Go pharmacy benefits program to their forward-thinking clients.

Innovative benefit advisors bring their clients advanced ideas to reduce cost and mitigate risk. Many of these advisors are introducing the Rx ‘n Go pharmacy benefits program to their forward-thinking clients.

Care. Delivered.

Healthcare has become increasingly complicated and expensive, but Rx ‘n Go is a solution used by innovative benefit advisors to address these issues for self-funded employer groups. It may seem like a radically new money saving concept, but we have been partnering with the most progressive brokers, advisors and consultants across the country for over 10 years.

Care. Delivered.

Let Us Partner with You

Through our relationships with benefit advisors and consultants, Rx ‘n Go delivers an innovative program to self-funded employers which reduces plan cost, increases benefit choice and positively impacts medication compliance – Cost, Choice, Compliance.

Rx ‘n Go does not replace the existing pharmacy benefit relationships, nor is Rx ‘n Go a PBM. We are a mail order pharmacy alternative for members with ongoing medication needs. Rx ‘n Go is straightforward and easy to incorporate into a comprehensive benefit program. The whole implementation process is very stream-lined; requiring only a service agreement, eligibility file, and an employee communication plan.

Since there are no additional fees associated with Rx ‘n Go, (i.e. no access fees, PMPM or implementation fees), we are incentivized to help engage members and grow participation.


Let Us Partner with You

Cost, Choice, Compliance

Rx ‘n Go is a simple benefit with a powerful impact on the lives
of participants and your client’s bottom line.


Rx ‘n Go offers fixed price tiers for a typical 90-day supply, so employers can easily forecast quarterly budgets. There is no additional cost – no access fees, no PMPM, no implementation cost and no renewals for you to deliver! Companies on the plan can save from 15% - 25% on the medications filled through Rx ‘n Go.


Rx ‘n Go is a choice. Members can elect to participate anytime throughout the year. The incentive for the member is access to medications delivered to their home at absolutely no cost to them. We bill the employer the tier cost of the medication dispensed by the mail order pharmacy each month.


Rx ‘n Go removes financial barriers (i. e. no cost to the member) and access barriers (i.e. home delivery), so members are more likely to maintain their medication compliance and stay out of the ER.

What to Expect from Rx ‘n Go as an Advisor

  • An optional pharmacy benefits savings program which complements the existing PBM
  • An easy, 30-day implementation process at any time of the plan year
  • A detailed financial impact analysis upon request. See Example Financial Impact Analysis
  • An account management team to support the onboarding and ongoing support to benefit advisors and employers
  • A customer service team to help enrolled members
  • No risk - if members do not use the program, there is no cost
  • Delivery of maintenance and preventive medications to member’s homes at no cost to them

Rx ’n Go Is So Easy to Implement

Ready, Set, Save


Enrolling in and implementing the Rx ‘n Go prescription benefits savings program is designed to be simple and easy for employers and their benefit advisors. Employers will be enriching the Rx benefits and saving money in no time.

Since Rx ‘n Go is not an insurance product, it can be launched at any time. ~60% of employer groups choose to launch Rx ‘n Go outside of the annual health plan renewal date. Implementing and communicating the Rx ‘n Go program is designed to be simple and very respective of any time commitment on behalf of both the employer and their benefit advisors. It’s a great message to deliver!


Reach out to a Rx ‘n Go account representative to review and sign a short Service Agreement – no long-term commitment.


We work with you, your Third Party Administrator or enrollment company to set up eligibility file feeds.


We help create an employee communication plan to make sure the program is well received by employees and successful!

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