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Three Easy Steps to $0 Generic Medications through Rx 'n Go

1. Check Medication Availability

Search medications to see if your generic or insulin Rx is covered under your employer’s plan.

If the drug is not on the Rx 'n Go drug list, call 888.697.9646 to speak to a licensed, Transition Pharmacy pharmacist. A pharmacist working directly with your doctor can often find an appropriate alternative Rx drug.

1. Check Medication Availability

2. Register in Minutes

Set up your account with ease. We just need your full name, DOB, shipping address, phone number and your employer name. We do not ask for any insurance or credit card information.


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3. Submit Your Prescription
with Auto-Refills

The friendly Rx ’n Go customer service team makes this quick - even transferring an existing prescription is easy.

Have your doctor submit the prescription via:

Transition Pharmacy (PA) NPI # 1336325265
When mailing your prescription, please make sure it clearly shows your doctor’s name, address, phone number, exact dosage and your full name. Already have an existing prescription? Our pharmacy can work with your pharmacy to transfer it to Rx ‘n Go.

We Know. It Sounds Too Good to Be True, But It’s True!

Our focus at Rx 'n Go allows us to concentrate on providing the best price to employers, along with outstanding service and savings to members. Here's why:

  • Negotiated pricing from competitive wholesalers
  • Efficient delivery from technologically advanced fulfillment pharmacy
  • 90-Day supply with automatic refills
  • 100% paid by your employer as part of your health benefit

It all adds up to significant money and time savings for both employers and members – A Win-Win!

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